About Us

Expecting well built furniture isn't Nostalgia; we believe it's the way it should be. We at "TIMBER AVENUE FURNITURE" hold firmly to the belief that craftsmanship should infuse every piece we design, that every product should feel genuine, and should have life.

Furniture is essential to our every day life. We use it at home, at work place, shopping centre etc, etc. Well designed and researched furniture can improve our quality of life. When we like how it looks, it gives us pleasure and when it makes us comfortable it can increase our efficiency and productivity.

How furniture looks is important, and some of the most successful furniture designs of all time are often the most aesthetically pleasing, but the most successful furniture designs of all time have to look good and work well.By combining form and function in the design, and by ensuring products are made using responsible materials and ethical production techniques.“TIMBER AVENUE FURNITURE” Designers help create furniture that collectively sells.

The Timber Avenue Wholesale Furniture Shops in Chennai has a collection of Colonial and Contemporary ones. You will find only the High quality Teak wood furniture at affordable prices made from Indonesia in our show rooms and shops. Our main objective is to supply our customers with a source of high quality hand crafted furniture, both indoor furnishing, and outdoor furnishing.We take pride in building our furniture with the quality you expect. We will also customize and build whatever you wish to have made. We keep the quality high while trying our hardest to keep the price low.